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CBD Coffee Active Lifestyle

Your lifestyle represents who you are – your goals, dietary habits, wellness activities and hobbies. The coffee you drink daily is an essential part of this.

Whether you’re an urban dweller who loves the hustle and bustle of a big city, an active individual who can’t live without exercise or someone who enjoys their daily coffee in a relaxed café, we at Sträva Craft Coffee believe that CBD Coffee is for everyone.

Read on to discover how to choose the best Sträva Craft Coffee for your lifestyle and learn more about the stories behind our products.


If you’re into healthy living, mindfulness and natural remedies, you'll find the perfect CBD infused coffee to keep you feeling great all day long.

Hemp oil has been gaining constant praise for its groundbreaking benefits for both physical and mental health. Numerous studies have shown the positive effects it has on patients suffering from chronic pain and general anxiety.  Read what some of Sträva's customers have to say about their experiences in our Customer Stories blog.  Best of all, you can choose the amount of CBD that works best for you.  Sträva offers 3 different strengths as well as a decaf, and dark roast versions of their coffees:

Intro Strength contains 100 mg CBD per 12oz bag (4mg/Serving).

Regular Strength contains 250 mg CBD per 12oz bag (10mg/Serving).

Max Strength has 500 mg CBD per 12oz bag (20mg/Serving).

All Sträva CBD Coffees are available in whole bean, ground coffee or new Keurig 2.0 compatible kcup pods. Nespresso compatible pods are also available. 


If your life is one big mesh of social, physical and work activities, you NEED quality coffee to push through.

To start your day on the right foot, we recommend our Regular Strength CBD - Dark Roast. It’s a quick and strong pick-me-up with notes of toasted marshmallow and cocoa nibs. It’ll keep you awake, alert and give you the courage you need to support your dynamic lifestyle.

This coffee originates from Colombia and is well-balanced and bold.

We recommend it as a single or double espresso shot in the morning and in lattes later in the day to get you out of an afternoon slump.


For many people, coffee is the best way to wake up in the morning and feel alert and focused. For others, it’s an entire lifestyle in which they’re fully immersed.

Do you consider coffee drinking an experience and enjoy your brew best when you’re in a relaxed environment? Avid coffee drinkers, connoisseurs and coffee snobs can immediately tell the difference between premium coffee and cheap commodity brands.

We at Sträva Craft Coffee are deeply passionate about coffee culture and understand where you’re coming from.

Whenever you crave a cup of coffee, but don’t want the jitters or insomnia, try our Intro Strength - Decaf. This CBD coffee is infused with 4mg CBD per serving.  We source this Arabica bean from northern Colombia and roast it to bring out notes of brown sugar and mandarin orange.  This decaf is sugarcane processed - a new favorite for decaffeinated coffee among specialty roasters. 

Sträva's CBD Decaf is the embodiment of relaxation, best enjoyed in your own company, or with friends and family. Pair it with a delicious dessert or biscotti for a perfect end of your day.


You’re always on the go. We’re right by your side to cheer you on.

You’re in a quiet corner of your home or favorite coffee shop. We’re your daily reminder for ‘me-time’. You’re a health and wellness champion. We’re your biggest fan! No matter where you are and what you do, there’s a Sträva Craft Coffee for everyone.

Want to learn more about our coffees? Visit our online shop and get your own bag today.

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