Incorporating CBD into a healthy lifestyle

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CBD has rapidly become a staple for many Americans who desire to reap its numerous benefits. It seems that there are more CBD products to choose from each day, including topicals, candies, beverages, tinctures, and even products for pets. Variety is the spice of life, and the ever-growing hemp industry is most definitely something to be celebrated. The new hemp revolution has helped countless people take control of their lives in ways that other supplements never could. It makes sense that CBD is associated with health, wellness, and vitality, but that doesn’t mean that all CBD products promote a healthy lifestyle. Here are some things to watch out for as well as a few other tips that will help you incorporate CBD into your routine so that you can rise to be your best. 


Not all CBD products are created equal

With any industry, there will be premium and more value-focused products and it is up to the individual consumer to decide what products work best for them. While premium brands maintain strict quality controls and operate in FDA registered facilities, and are inspected by the health department, many do not.  A large majority of CBD brands don't even produce their own CBD products - they outsource production and are happy to put their label on a product without being able to stand behind its origin, quality or even speak to how ingredients are sourced. 

How can you differentiate a high quality CBD product from a low quality one? The answer is all in transparency. Trustworthy CBD brands will be transparent with the details of their products since they have nothing to hide. Look for CBD companies that make their lab results easy to access, and are available to answer any potential questions. Sträva stands behind every cup of coffee with pride, and we’re committed to our customer’s satisfaction. We partner with licensed, organic farms and exclusively buy from within the United States.  Every coffee product from Sträva has a batch number and is completely traceable back to the beans and the CBD that went into them.  And coming soon, each product will have a QR code which upon scan will take you directly to independent lab reports for the product. 

Sträva’s transparency commitment goes beyond CBD; we embrace the direct trade model and work closely with our import partner and coffee farmers, ensuring a fair price and ethical treatment.  We believe in the natural and human element of all things, but especially coffee. All of our coffee is grown and processed by small farmers and communities. Every batch is roasted by hand and meticulously developed to ensure that each cup is as good as the last.


Incorporating CBD into daily life, the healthy way

It always seems that the best things in life are simple. A healthy lifestyle doesn’t often require any forced changes, but rather a series of slight modifications. Among the myriad of fun new CBD products are edibles. There are gummies, cookies, chocolates, soda, and, of course, coffee. It goes without saying that all of these sweet treats are delicious, but at what cost?  CBD content or not, candy is still full of sugar, and consuming more sugar doesn’t support health and wellness. Let’s look back at the idea of simplicity. Healthy habits are most successful when they are incorporated into routines that already flow with daily life. Many consumers of CBD will use tinctures so that they can take their CBD sublingually, or add it to food or drink of their choosing. Coffee is an ideal partner for CBD because the two create a unique and harmonious balance.

Sträva’s coffee stimulates the senses and uplifts the spirit while the calming properties of CBD ease any potential jitters or anxiety that some people experience with consumption of caffeine. Sträva’s coffee provides a balanced, alert, and focused experience that awakens the mind, body, and spirit.  It’s offered in various strengths of CBD – 4mg, 10mg or 20mg per serving – so you can enjoy an exceptional cup of coffee with just the right amount of CBD for your.

Infusing CBD into daily life doesn’t have to feel like adding another supplement.  When it’s infused into a daily routine, healthy living just becomes second nature.

Drink Deeply.  Live Fully. 


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