Since 2015, Strava Craft Coffee has been committed to perfecting the art of coffee roasting. We prioritize health and wellness and have dedicated years to perfecting the infusion of organic hemp oil into our specialty coffee beans. By combining the energizing effects of coffee with the calming benefits of CBD, we have created a smooth and well-balanced taste that distinguishes our coffees from others. As pioneers in CBD-infused coffee, we are always seeking ways to innovate and offer our customers the most delicious and healthful cup of coffee possible.


Our morning routine at Strava involves waking up early to enjoy a delicious cup of 100% Arabica specialty coffee made with the finest beans available. We source our beans directly from high-altitude farms along the Equator, where the warm tropical climate is perfect for growing coffee trees. We're committed to using non-GMO, sustainable beans that are ethically sourced through direct trade practices. By working closely with small-scale farmers, we ensure that our beans are of the highest quality while also supporting local communities. Our green coffee beans are then sampled to meet our high-quality standards before being roasted in small batches to bring out the unique flavor notes. At Strava, we're dedicated to this process and believe it sets our coffee apart from the rest.


At Strava, we believe that our roasters are true artists. They bring out the best qualities of every green coffee bean by skillfully balancing both the scientific and artistic aspects of roasting. The flavor of coffee beans can vary significantly based on their origin and our roasters take great pride in their expertise in blending aromas, acidity, body, and tasting notes together. This ensures that every cup of coffee is smooth and well-rounded in taste.


We take pride in our commitment to offer our valued customers nothing but the best quality products. In our pursuit of the finest quality, we use only premium, organic American broad-spectrum hemp oil when crafting our coffee blends. Our unique and proprietary InBalanceTM method is a carefully honed process that allows us to infuse the oil into our beans with precision and care, ensuring that every cup of coffee that we serve boasts a consistent taste and efficacy. Our rigorous process has been refined over time, resulting in a delicious product that is also rich in the numerous benefits of CBD.