At Sträva Craft Coffee, we’re striving to be your favorite specialty coffee roaster. We’re coffee lovers. We’re avid travelers. We’re dedicated entrepreneurs, aspiring to build a business which enables pursuit of our passions, and opportunity to share them with others.

We're committed to seeking out exceptional beans, sourcing them responsibly, roasting them with care, and bringing a rich, flavorful experience to your cup. Enjoy one of our signature specialty coffees, or break out your passport and travel the world with our single-origin micro-lot roasts and limited editions. Let us introduce you to a world of incredible flavors. Wherever you enjoy your coffee, we hope you choose Sträva Craft Coffee to fill your cup.

Farm to Cup

That coffee you're drinking wasn't born in a laboratory. It grew out of the earth, on a tree, on a farm thousands of miles away along the equator, somewhere between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. The coffee tree grew for three years before producing cherries, and even then only produced 1kg - 5kg of fruit in a season. Those coffee cherries were picked when ripe and processed in the local community to remove the outer pulp, then washed, sorted and dried out in the sun. After drying, the resulting parchment coffee was collected, packed and shipped to a mill where the dry parchment skin was removed, finally exposing the recognizable green coffee bean inside.

It was this green coffee bean which was sorted by machines, sorted by hand, sampled for quality and shipped around the world to be roasted to perfection by your favorite specialty coffee roaster, Sträva Craft Coffee!

Roasting & Brewing

Before you can enjoy that great cup of coffee, espresso shot or beverage, the green coffee beans must be roasted. And while roasting may sound simple, it's actually a delicate balance of art and science. Your roaster must proceed to cook the bean while seeking to realize their desired flavor characteristics: a blend of aroma, acidity, body and flavor.

Have you learned enough? Okay... okay... Go ahead and enjoy that delicious cup of Sträva Craft Coffee now!

A Great Cup...

Every great cup of coffee has a rich and inspiring story to tell - a story that begins with passionate, hard working farmers all over the world who strive to make a better life for themselves and to build a better future for their children.

Between the farm and your cup, coffee can bring economic opportunity and hope to people of all walks of life. From the local washing stations that provide employment for rural communities to the urban mills which process, sort and prepare beans for export, coffee has the potential to positively impact millions of lives.

What impact is your cup making?

By supporting independent cafes and specialty roasters you're recognizing that hard work and dedication to quality matters, and supporting a better life for everyone in the specialty coffee supply chain - most importantly the farmers and communities that take pride in, and invest so heavily, in producing the highest quality beans they can.

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