"I drink the coffee for pain relief"

April 01, 2020

"I drink the coffee for pain relief"

Don's Sträva Story

"I was first introduced to CBD coffee online for a free trial just pay shipping and handling charges. I told my family about it thinking they will think I am crazy for trying it but they totally supported me. My daughter-in-law told me of a vapor shop where I could purchase CBD coffee. In October I was in Denver with my grandson and his girlfriend. He brought me to Sträva coffee. The lady took us in the back to show how it was made. At that time I purchased from Sträva. I have been ordering from Sträva since that. I was in Denver in early March stopped at Sträva to purchase some. I like stopping there as they are always very friendly. I drink a lot of coffee so it fits right in with my daily routine. I probably average two bags per month. Sträva coffee is a little more potent than what I can buy in Sioux City Iowa. I drink the coffee for pain relief. I have trouble walking my hips get very painful when I walk because of arthritis.. Sträva coffee has relieved me of the pain. Now I can no longer live without it. I order from Sträva before I run out as I don't like going a day without at least one cup of Sträva coffee. I like to call to place order rather than online as I said before they are very friendly. I always enjoy talking with them and whenever I am in Denver I will stop to see them. I am a city transit bus driver I am subject to random drug testing and I have been tested a couple of times since I started drinking Sträva coffee and obviously tested okay. I was kind of worried the first time I went for drug test. Thank you Sträva coffee for making my life a little more comfortable. I am 69 years old. THANK YOU AGAIN!"

-Don J

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