"After purchasing my first bag, I fell in love!"

April 01, 2020

Sträva Story

"I first learned about Sträva about two years ago from a friend. Due to our busy work schedule and daily activities, he recommended that this would help with my stress and anxiety. After purchasing my first bag, I fell in love! The taste was amazing and I was really impressed that it did not have any THC. I was able to go about my everyday routine. There are no words to describe how relieved and amazed I am that I was able to find something that works for me in my everyday life. Due to my job that I love, I was always stressed out and I couldn’t find anything that was helping with lowering my stress levels. I am now able to enjoy my mornings with a cup of Dark Roast 20mg CBD serving of Sträva coffee. I am able to focus while doing my morning workout, being able to feel alert and calm while I’m going to my everyday meetings and dealing with my work load. I am always telling my friends and coworkers about your amazing company and the many different product options that you have. I prefer to have my cup with some coconut milk and cinnamon sprinkle on top, even though it’s already perfect the way that it is. I prefer the Dark Roast product because it’s just the amount of extra push I need to start my day. Thank you Sträva for doing great things with your brand and helping out the people in need! You will always have a customer in me!"


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