"The CBD mixed with the coffee is a god send for me"

March 23, 2020

"The CBD mixed with the coffee is a god send for me"

Richard's Sträva Story

"My name is Richard and I found Strava 3 years ago at a cannabis bazaar in Denver and have been drinking the Medium strength Dark and medium Roast every since. I have always been a big coffee drinker all throughout the day but Strava has really made that so much more enjoyable. Aside from the amazing fresh roasted taste that you would never get from a store bought coffee, the added CBD is life changing. Before finding Strava CBD coffee I would always be super jittery with a little anxiety after my large morning cup and again in the afternoon. Sometimes I wouldn’t even finish my coffee because I just couldn’t. Since finding Strava I have not had these jittery or anxious episodes. I drink a very large cup of Strava dark roast maximum strength coffee in the morning EVERYDAY and again before my afternoon workout. Not only am I jittery free but Strava always delivers with the mental clarity and the energy from the delicious coffee. If you like dark roast coffee the Medium strength dark roast is always a favorite flavor. I am so thankful that I found I found Strava so I didn’t have to give up my favorite drink. The CBD mixed with the coffee is a god send for me. Thank you Strava for this amazing coffee!"

-Richard B.

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