"Strava came into my life at the peak of COVID-19"

May 27, 2020

"Strava came into my life at the peak of COVID-19"

Jessica's Sträva Story

"I am currently a full-time nursing student and Strava came into my life at the peak of COVID-19. I have always been someone who dealt with stress by implementing extreme order and routine into my life, but this was near to impossible with the changes happening from the pandemic. I found myself waking up anxious for no reason, stressed because my future career plans were in limbo, and that was just a terrible way to start my day. A friend actually gifted me my first bag of Strava coffee and I’ll have to admit, I was extremely skeptical. Upon initially opening the bag, (10mg CBD/serving – Medium Roast) I noticed a pleasant aroma and I knew this was going to be a unique brew. When you taste Strava, you can instantly tell they use high quality coffee beans. I never had a coffee I was completely convinced by until Strava. Strava has turned my morning from dreadful to something I actually look forward to. I am now living in a reality where I am ‘in class’ on Zoom for up to 6 hours a day and this coffee has been so helpful in keeping me focused as well as easing the general stress of being a student! The cherry on top is that you know you are supporting a local company that is mindful of their production practices."


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