"I then had a full cup of Sträva’s CBD coffee, and my life changed"

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"I then had a full cup of Sträva’s CBD coffee, and  my life changed"

Stephanie's Sträva Story

"I discovered Sträva Craft Coffee about two and half years ago, shortly after I moved to Denver from Wisconsin. I have struggled with depression, anxiety and addiction my entire adult life. After becoming sober in Wisconsin, my soul demanded a lifestyle change and my heart tugged me toward Colorado. I knew coffee was going to be the reborn passion (and addiction) that got me through my transitioning days. Coffee has always been something I have enjoyed. I started drinking it when I was 16 years old. My mom would make her coffee in the morning and give me the rest to take to school with me. It was also a beautiful way to bond with my mother, who I didn’t always have a perfect relationship with. As the years went on, and my addiction to alcohol became a concern, so did my well-being. I was frequently experiencing panic attacks, waves of deep depression and a dependency on alcohol. Therefore I nearly stopped drinking coffee. Coffee seemed to increase my anxiety; shakes, nausea and a racing heart. But also, from the alcohol my digestive system was not in good shape and therefore coffee was one of the first to go. Thankfully, I hit a rock bottom and I forced a change among my well-being. I took to coffee to ground me again, and to hold onto something I had always loved. I came to Colorado with an intention to live an everlasting healthy lifestyle. And when I was introduced to Sträva, I was blown away by the distinct flavor notes and body, it immediately ignited a curiosity within me. Soon after my first cup of Sträva coffee, I learned about their CBD coffee. WHAT? CBD in coffee!? I was totally intrigued and since my coffee habit was slowly coming back while navigating my anxiety, I knew I needed to try this. I then had a full cup of Sträva’s CBD coffee, and  my life changed. It’s not only delicious coffee, it allows me to stay focused and not get the shakes from this unadulterated coffee addiction, I am proud to have. I have been drinking Sträva’s CBD coffee for the last two plus years and it has evolved my coffee addiction in such a positive way. I share Sträva with all of my friends across the world. It has sincerely made an impact on not only my life, but my well-being and I get so excited to share that with people I love. Sträva’s coffee has brought me more joy than I could have ever imagined a coffee could bring. But nonetheless coffee is my passion and now my well-being."

-Stephanie L