Signature Dark Roast

$ 14.95 USD


Signature Collection Dark Roast

Tasting Notes:  Toasted Marshmallow, Cocoa Nibs, Bold

We created our Signature Dark Roast for those who are looking for a bold flavor profile in their coffee. The beans come from our sourcing partners in Antioquia, Colombia and are selected for their particularly robust and deep characteristics. They're slow roasted to bring out a weighty body and round sweetness with a kick of bitterness on the finish for those who like a good jolt of intensity in their morning cup. Our Signature Dark roast is strong enough to hold up to a splash or two of milk, yet balanced enough to be taken by itself if that's your style. 

About the beans:

Origin: Colombia
Regions: Jericó, Antioquia
Species: Arabica
Varietals: Various


Signature Dark Roast (12oz Whole Bean)