Sträva Silver

Sträva Silver represents a commitment to safe, high quality, craft-made CBD products which incorporate pure, natural CBD extracts and deliver healthy benefits to consumers. 


Sträva works with premium, specialty grade coffee beans, fresh seasonal crops and organically grown Colorado hemp extracts. The hemp extracts we use are handled under the supervision of the Colorado Dept of Health & Environment in our FDA registered facility.  Sträva follows established good manufacturing practices (GMP) throughout the product life cycle to ensure our Sträva Silver CBD coffee products are always the best they can be.


Sträva ensures every product is produced according to exacting standards by employing small-batch manufacturing methods.  Our roasters and roasting partners conduct regular cuppings to assess their work and adjust their techniques as coffee beans develop differently depending on their moisture content, density and size consistency. All of these factors are considered to ensure that Sträva Silver products deliver a consistent and enjoyable cup of coffee.

Ethical Sourcing

As with all global commodities, there is an opportunity for brands to go above and beyond to ensure that the people and communities which supply their goods are treated in an ethical manner.  Sträva purchases CBD exclusively from within the United States where sufficient controls and oversight exist to know that we're working in a conscious and ethical manner. Furthermore, we exclusively purchase extracts from organically grown hemp. This ensures a healthier product for our customers and a responsible, lower impact on the environment.  


Since bringing the first CBD infused coffee to the market in 2016, Sträva has embraced innovation as one of the core tenets of the business. The team is constantly working to improve products by sourcing high quality ingredients and improving the delivery of CBD.


Sträva and its roasting partners operate in FDA registered facilities and are licensed and routinely inspected by state health departments.  From following good manufacturing practices (GMP), including full traceability in our sourcing and manufacturing process, to securing third party lab testing of all products, customers can be confident that they are receiving safe, high quality products from Sträva.

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At Prodigy, young adults study the craft of coffee and activate their inherent greatness. These are your next generation leaders, here to go forth and enrich the city.

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Prodigy Coffee is a non-profit organization and we hire young adults from northeast Denver into a paid apprenticeship in one of our two coffeehouses. Here they discover their own inherent greatness while learning to run a craft coffeehouse. The apprenticeship is a 12-18 month experience, designed by educators, of deep work and deep learning in a culture of healing. 


Through personal development and hands-on learning in a Prodigy enterprise, young adults build a foundation of mindsets and skills for sustainable lives, economic mobility and, most importantly, to go forth and enrich their cit to become the next generation of leaders this city wants and needs.