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Sträva's Coffee Underground is where our roasting team showcase the very best of our craft. These are our personal favorites and the roasts we share with great local cafes and boutique hotels to serve to their guests. While our Signature Collection is always available, we offer a rotating selection of distinctive and single-origin coffees that change with the seasons to follow the fresh crops. Check out our current roasts and grab one before they're gone:


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Origin:  Guatemala

Tasting Notes:  Milk Chocolate, Roasted Cashew, Candied Citrus

Strength is a delicious regional blend that complements your daily drive for success - a feel-good coffee that awakens and perfectly motivates every morning.

We source a regional washed Guatemalan coffee - it yields a balanced cup with a medium body. The Guatemala regional blend boasts notes of roasted cashew, milk chocolate, and delicate citric acidity.

Sträva roasts Strength with the every-day coffee drinker in mind, so pour up and sip the good stuff.



Origin:  Colombia

Region:  Regional Blend

Tasting Notes:  Crisp Apple, White Chocolate, Balanced

Jump start your day with Courage, Sträva's hand-crafted espresso blend which draws bold flavors of black cherry, cocoa, and raw sugar. Courage comes from 21 Colombian farmers located near the town of Jericó in the department of Antioquia.

Courage is strong yet well balanced. It is bold enough to pull as an espresso shot and carries enough nuance to make a great pour over. Go ahead - make it a double - tackle your day with an extra shot of Courage.


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Origin:  Colombia

Region:  Regional Blend

Tasting Notes:  Brown Sugar, Mandarin Orange, Full-Bodied & Smooth

Sträva's Comfort decaf roast is the perfect accompaniment for when you want to relax and unwind with friends and family - after dinner, after dessert, or anytime you want to enjoy your coffee without caffeine.

This roast is sweet and balanced with subtle notes of brown sugar and mandarin orange. It’s easy to drink and best enjoyed with good company. We think it’s the perfect coffee to top off your day.



Origin:  Colombia

Region:  Regional Blend

Tasting Notes:  Toasted Marshmallow, Cocoa Nibs, Bold & Balanced

Sträva's Signature Dark Roast is for those who are looking for a bold yet nuanced flavor profile in their coffee. These specialty beans come from Campesino, Sträva's sourcing partner in Antioquia, Colombia and are selected for their particularly robust and deep characteristics. They're slow roasted to bring out a weighty body and round sweetness with a kick of bitterness on the finish for those who like a good jolt of intensity in their morning cup.

Our Signature Dark roast is strong enough to hold up to a splash or two of milk, yet balanced enough to be taken by itself if that's your style.


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Origin:  Guatemala

Region:  La Colmenita

Tasting Notes:  Candied Melon, Cashew Butter, Golden Apple

This is the second year in a row that we've brought on La Colmenita - a stunning washed coffee from Guatemala. We're stoked to have Francisco Cardona Martin's coffee on yet again, and it's tasting as sweet and clean as ever!

Francisco's farm is perched high up in the mountains outside of Huehuetenango. We believe the high elevation yields to the immense sweetness we're tasting in the cup. It's sweet, just a touch tropical, and easy drinking. La Colmenita is the cleanest coffee on our menu! It’s highlighted by spectacular acidity and filled with sugary sweetness. Happy brewing!



Origin:  Honduras

Producer: Eulogio Martinez

Region:  Santa Bárbara

Tasting Notes:  Apple Juice, Cinnamon, Caramel Creme

This season's crop from Los Yoyos boasts rich notes of green apples and a smooth caramel body with a cinnamon aroma that give this coffee a uniquely candy like character. It is not every day that we come across a washed coffee that manages to carry intense, bright fruit flavors while still maintaining excellent cleanliness, balance and depth the way the the coffee from Eulogio Martinez's farm does.

We're stoked to have the opportunity to share and enjoy such a rich, balanced cup that really shows the fruits of Los Yoyos' efforts with our customers!


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Origin:  Costa Rica

Region:  San Juanillo

Varietal: Catuai

Processing: Red Honey

Tasting Notes:  Wild Raspberry, Honeycrisp Apple, Caramel

The San Juanillo Red Honey is our most vibrant and wild offering. It is produced & processed by Tomas Gutierrez (an agronomist) & Allan Vargas (an industrial engineer) in the sub-region of San Juanillo, Costa Rica. Their expertise in diverse professions has played a major role in their production of incredible specialty coffees.

We’re lucky to have secured a small amount of their red honey Catuai - a single varietal microlot that’s one of the more vibrant and fruit-forward coffees we have had on our menu here at Sträva. We’re tasting notes of wild raspberry, honeycrisp apple, and caramel sweetness. If you’re a lover of vibrant, fruit-forward coffees, this one is for you!



Origin:  Mexico

Region:  Tapachula

Varietals: Various (Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai, Typica)

Tasting Notes:  Caramel, Milk Chocolate, Golden Delicious

Mico de Noche (directly translated to ‘the night monkey’) is a delicious and sessionable coffee out of Tapachula, Mexico. It’s filled with rich notes of caramel, milk chocolate, and accented by golden apple acidity. We brought this coffee on our menu because of how clean, sweet, and approachable it is! It’s sure to satisfy everyone from those new to specialty coffee and the regular connoisseur.

This coffee is a result of the effort of 100 small-scale farmers from the town of Tapachula. It’s a community blend consisting of four varietals, and processed both via honey & natural methods, which yields the rich sweetness and sugary cup. We’re stoked to have this on as one of our fall offerings and think it’s the perfect compliment to the changing, cooler seasons. Enjoy!


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