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Comfort - Signature Decaf

$ 15.95 USD

Signature Collection

Tasting Notes:  Graham Cracker, Brown Sugar, Mandarin Orange

Fresh Roasted, Whole Bean, 24 Servings per bag

Our Comfort decaf roast is the perfect accompaniment for when you want to relax and unwind with friends and family - after dinner, after dessert, or anytime you want to enjoy your coffee without caffeine.  This roast is sweet and balanced with subtle notes of brown sugar and mandarin orange.  It’s easy to drink and best enjoyed with good company.  We think it’s the perfect coffee to top off your day.

About the beans:

Origin:  Colombia
Region:  Tolima
Grade:  Excelso
Species:  Arabica
Decaffeination Process:  Sugar Cane Process


Comfort - Signature Decaf (12oz Whole Bean)