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Ecuador - Mario Hervas

$ 18.95 USD

Single Origin

Tasting Notes: Cantaloupe, Meyer Lemon, Caramel Cream, Hint of Rose Petal

About the bean: 

We are super stoked to share our latest offering from Ecuadorean producer Mario Hervas. This coffee is a very limited run from Mario Hervas' micro-farm, El Meridiano; be sure to grab a bag while it lasts! Its smooth, summer fruit notes carry an ideal balance of melon and citrus that will make a perfect cup even on a warm summer morning.

Mario developed his appreciation for coffee much the same way that many coffee professionals across the world have: through working in cafes. After discovering the beauty of specialty coffee Mario took it upon himself to start cultivating a small parcel of land outside of the city where he lives, Quito. We are quite fortunate to have come upon the opportunity to purchase this coffee through Caravela Importers as El Meridiano is a relatively small farm with just 4 hectares dedicated to coffee production. The farm is a pioneer in coffee production in the region of Nanegal, Ecuador and as such has made great progress in perfecting their methods. They now produce an excellently clean and aromatic coffee! We recommend brewing it on pour over to get the most out of the tangerine, honeydew and light florals that this coffee has to offer.

Origin: Ecuador
Region: Nanegal, Quito
Producer: Mario Hervas
Farm: El Meridiano
Elevation: 4760 ft.
Process:  Washed
Species: Arabica

Ecaudor Mario Hervas (12oz Whole Bean)