"I sincerely enjoy your coffee every morning"

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"I sincerely enjoy your coffee every morning"

Thomas's Sträva Story

"Strava is awesome! Thank you for giving me a chance to tell you about your product.

I drink a mug of "Elevate" CBD infused coffee every morning; it sets the tone for me before I get to work. I have a 40 min. commute and Strava is always there with me. I've turned around on a number of fuzzy mornings because I forgot it! Literally, 15 mins. into the commute I turned around! Elevate is that much a part of me waking up and getting focused.
I use a Keurig to brew my and it works totally fine with the reusable cups. I actually think I get better results from using the Keurig over a traditional drip style coffee machine. Nevertheless, I know that Strava is awesome, expensive, but awesome. I appreciate what you have done and I sincerely enjoy your coffee every morning."
-Thomas M