"I have never been a coffee drinker... until now!"

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"I have never been a coffee drinker... until now!"
Amanda's Sträva Story
"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for creating such an amazing product. I have never been a coffee drinker... until now. 
An online friend gifted me a pack of your 20mg medium roast k-cups and begged me to try them. My first thoughts were, I don't like coffee and CBD has never helped me... until now.  
I've had 17 surgeries on my foot to try and repair damaged joints and now take narcotics to ease the pain. We reached the point in treatment where my decision was medication or amputation and my decision was medication. The pain is constant and the medication only dulls it, however, in 2018 I suffered massive bilateral PEs that nearly killed me. Due to this, I can no longer take ibuprofen as it interferes with blood thinners. This has been a huge problem as nothing has helped with swelling and the pain that comes with that.  
Your coffee not only tasted great, but it alleviated much of the swelling and minor aches and pains. I was also even more surprised by the impact its had with my depression/anxiety and sleep! I thought for sure I wouldn't be able to sleep after having caffeine in the morning, but I've slept better than I have in years. 
I'm 34, legally disabled because of my foot, and I even had to end the small nonprofit I created that provided resources to disabled and struggling veterans, but now, thanks to your K-cups, I believe I may be able to restart it on a small level. You can be sure that your coffee will play a roll and not only will be offer it when we have gatherings, but we will be highly recommending it to them as well. 
I just felt you should know the impact its had and receive praise as it seems all most people like to do these days is complain. 
Thank you for a great product, my k-cup machine thanks you as its only used for hot chocolate or when I have over night guests that are coffee drinkers."
-Amanda S