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RESTORE - Hemp Infused Coffee (120mg CBD)

"Peace & Wellness" RESTORE Coffee - Infused with 4x Plant Nutrients*

- Treat yourself to an exceptional cup of coffee
- Feel Alert, Calm & Focused
- Restore Balance
- Alleviate Inflammation & Pain
- Compliment your Natural Wellness Routine

About the Coffee:

Tasting Notes:  Rich Chocolate, Toasted Walnuts
Origin: Colombia           Grade:  Supremo
Process: Washed          Species:  Arabica
Varietal: Caturra        

Sträva's "Peace & Wellness" Coffees:

"Peace & Wellness" is an exträordinary line of specialty coffees, small batch roasted in Denver, Colorado, and precision infused with healthy Organic Hemp Oil.  CBD-Rich Hemp Oil provides balance to the coffee's natural caffeine and, for many people, alleviates the caffeine jitters.  But it does much more than that...

Cannabidiol (CBD), is a naturally occurring phyto-cannabinoid found in mature hemp plants.  It is widely consumed for its numerous wellness properties: as mild analgesic, antiinflamatory, antioxidant and antiemetic to name a few.  Sträva uses the finest, full-spectrum hemp oil sourced from respected growers in Europe.  This oil is naturally high in Cannabidiol and over 80 other phyto-cannabinoids, as well as constituents such as amino acids, vitamins B1, B2 and D, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, minerals zinc, calcium and magnesium. CBD and CBD-Rich Hemp Oil are non-psychoactive and do not produce a "high." You need to come to Colorado for that...

"Peace & Wellness" ** brews up, like all Sträva coffees, into a flavorful, balanced, full-bodied cup.  It will help you start your day with a smile; feel alert, focused, calm and jitter-free.  And it's the perfect way to enjoy a little extra CBD in your daily wellness routine. 

Wake up to "Peace & Wellness."  Wake up to the natural benefits of CBD.  With Sträva, you get an incredible coffee experience paired with the highest quality, full-spectrum infusion of CBD-Rich Hemp Oil on the market. 

This is, quite possibly, the healthiest coffee you will ever drink.

Peace & Wellness - 120mg CBD Infusion per 12oz Whole Bean

* Infused with four times the CBD as FOCUS, Sträva's original Hemp Oil infused coffee.
** Prepare using your favorite brewing method and enjoy!


Ships to all 50 states! 

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