Take your sträva experience to the next level

  • Sträva Wellness Tinctures are potent and effective, with 25mg of CBD per serving and a full-spectrum of major, minor and trace cannabinoids, including THC, for a more robust entourage of benefit.
  • Full-Spectrum Hemp Tinctures are a great addition for those who seek more versitility and control in their natural wellness routine.
  • Incorporate a few drops into your favorite daytime or nighttime routine to stay balanced and feeling your best 24/7 - enjoy with coffee, tea, a protein shake or use sublingually for more rapid onset of effect.
  • Sträva Wellness Tinctures are made from top-quality organically grown hemp and coconut (MCT) oil and are independently lab verified.
  • Each Sträva Tincture contains 60 servings and at least 1,900mg of full-spectrum active cannabinoids.

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