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Strength - Signature Roast

Signature Collection

Tasting Notes: Milk Chocolate, Pink Starburst, Sweet Finish

Fresh Roasted, Whole Bean, 24 Servings per bag

Strength is an delicious blend that complements your daily drive for success - a feel-good coffee that awakens and perfectly motivates every morning.  We blend two coffees; a Colombian and Ethiopian, to present a balanced cup with a medium body.  The Colombia bean provides notes of milk chocolate and a sweet finish, while the Ethiopia provides a sparkling acidity and sweet body.  We roast this blend with the every-day coffee drinker in mind, so pour up and sip the good stuff.  

About the bean:

Origin:  Colombia, Ethiopia
Process:  Wash Processed
Elevation: 4000 - 6500 ft.
Species: Arabica


Strength - Signature Roast (12oz Whole Bean)

We roast our traditional coffees at the beginning of each week. Place your order over the weekend to receive the most freshly roasted coffee possible!

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