"The Daily Strive; A Senior's Story"

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What does CBD Coffee do?

Leif's Sträva Story

"What would we do without coffee, that luscious liquid that soothes the palate and stimulates the body's nervous system into GO mode?  Satisfy our taste buds with juices, hot chocolate, carbonated drinks or wine?  Quaff energy drinks or down pills?

While there are many alternatives to coffee for daily consumption, some healthy and some not, most serve mainly to satisfy a craving other than thirst, perhaps to enhance or dull the senses.   One might act as a pick me up while another acts as a let me down.  Fortunately,  coffee isn't limited to satisfying just one of these desires but is suitable for more than one purpose.

Enter Sträva's CBD infused Peace and Wellness Dark Roast Colombian Coffee. Not only does it taste great, as you would expect, but it serves the special purpose of allowing me to transit more comfortably through the long, chilly winter nights when I routinely wake up after midnight.  Now, instead of enduring a monotonous middle-of-the-night session with off-hour TV infomercials, I can brew a  cup of Peace and Wellness, sip that warm nectar, relax and get back to sleep quickly.   I still wake up refreshed when regular morning arrives, at which time I can brew a cup of Sträva Courage Signature Espresso for extra get up and go or another cup of Peace and Wellness, depending on the anticipated needs of  the day.

Insomnia might be a fact of life, but Peace and Wellness is a welcome antidote.  What a treat!"

Leif A.



*The experience shared above is that of a Sträva customer.  Your experience with CBD and CBD coffee may differ.  Statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.