"The combination of caffeine and CBD is just enough to keep the migraine at bay"

April 03, 2020

Jordan's Sträva Story

"If you're thinking about trying out Sträva, you should first know that it's some seriously good craft coffee (really, really good). In general, I'm a big fan of any locally roasted or distributed coffee. If that's not enticing enough, you should know what makes Stava different. Where some (even my most favorite) coffees can leave me feeling a little too wired and exacerbate even low levels of anxiety, Stäva never leaves you feeling worse. Who wants to drink coffee only to feel worse? Sträva is my go-to cup of joe, particularly in the afternoon, or when I'm working on a deadline. Drinking Sträva leaves me feeling balanced and focused. Alert but not bouncing off the walls. Calm but not too subdued. If you're looking for a productivity tool---Sträva coffee is something you'll want to check out. Working from home and Sträva coffee are a match made in heaven. I also love Sträva for when I start to feel like I might be getting a migraine. The combination of caffeine and CBD is just enough to keep the migraine at bay. I've also used it to better adjust to high altitudes, which means it's great to have on hand for friends or family that are visiting from out of town. Bottom line, don't sleep on trying Sträva!"

-Jordan N

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