"I wish everyone could replace their daily coffee fix with just a bit of your magic!!"

March 09, 2020

Pam's Sträva Story

"I was introduced to Strava through a friend who brought the coffee to a festival we were working on. She asked me if we would feature the coffee in the green rooms for the artists who were performing at the event.

We were happy to accept the product and my friend is a wonderful human being, so I was happy to help spread the word for any product she was associated with, but when we actually started serving and drinking your coffee, we couldn't keep enough of it ready. We had staff members coming in for it all day and night. Yes, the artists were loving it and asking where to get some for themselves, but we had stagehands and other people working all hours and in every part of the festival coming in, saying that their knees and backs didn't hurt after one cup, or after two days of drinking the coffee. We were drinking it all day without the shakes or frazzled brains. After working 18-20 hour days, we still felt focused and on point. We had the Focus variety of the coffee and even just that little bit of CBD in our lives was making a powerful impact on our show lives that we didn't want to be without it for the next show and the next one. 

When I came back from that show, I placed an order for myself and then gave it as Christmas gifts every year after. Every coffee drinker in my life gets a bag for the holidays because it is a treat and I believe in it so strongly. I used to be the kind of person who only purchased coffee from the big chain stores and never made it at home, but now that is a rare occasion and I am a loyal Strava drinker. It helps with my migraines and back pain every day.         

Thank you for this product. Thank you for the donations and thank you for fixing my brain without the shakes. I wish everyone could replace their daily coffee fix with just a bit of your magic!!"

Pam E.


*The experience shared above is that of a Sträva customer.  Your experience with CBD and CBD coffee may differ.  Statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. 


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