"Alternative treatment that would not disqualify me from triathlons"

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"Alternative treatment that would not disqualify me from triathlons"

Doug's Sträva Story

"In 2018 after a mountain biking accident and my second triathlon I suffered from lower back pain.  I was prescribed medications by my doctor that I had read horror stories (you know the pills I’m talking about).  My wife, who is a nurse and nationally registered paramedic, read articles about alternative treatments that would not disqualify me from triathlons.  She focused on the benefits of CBD and convinced me to try this. My wife and I are avid coffee drinkers. We decided to give Strava a try together. Not only was this Colombian coffee roasted and tasted amazing. It helped me with my pain, helped her with joint pains and definitely helped us both start our mornings off right. There are no unexpected or unwelcome effects. We decided to buy the decaf for evenings before bed which helped us both ease into sleeping better. We have faithfully been ordering from Strava for the past two years and plan to order form them. Their prices are the best (thank you for sharing the profits by dropping the price). Strava is truly the best (faithfully tested, accurate CBD dosing, and best tasting we’ve had compared to other competitors e.g. Greenroads)"

-Doug B.

*The experience shared above is that of a Sträva customer.  Your experience with CBD and CBD coffee may differ.  Statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.