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Rwanda - Coko


Tasting Notes: Candied Fruit, Raspberries, Cinnamon Sugar

Two years ago, one of our roasters traveled to Rwanda to spend time with the Misozi Coffee Company, a cooperative-based exporter.  It was a life-changing experience - one similar to riding a bicycle for the first time.  The Rwandese are rich in hospitality and history, and the nature-scapes are breathtaking.

We’ve been searching for a Rwandese coffee to fit our menu for quite some time, and are stoked to have the opportunity to bring you coffee from Coko (pronounced Cho-co). Coko is the highest elevation washing station of Misozi.

This washed Coko yields stellar canned fruit notes, citric acidity, and an exceptionally smooth melon-like mouthfeel.  We’ve been brewing this up non-stop at Strava and it’s sure to go quick (we only purchased one sack).

About the bean:

Origin: Rwanda
Region: Gakenke
Process:  Washed
Cultivar:  Bourbon
Species:  Arabica
Elevation:  6,500 - 7,500 ft.


Rwanda - Coko (12oz Whole Bean)

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