CBD Coffee (Nespresso* Pods) - 10mg CBD/Serving - Medium Roast

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Premium CBD Infused Coffee: Nespresso* Compatible Pods

- Regular Strength - 10mg CBD / Serving (1.15oz cup)
      - 60mg CBD total in each 6-Pack
      - 120mg CBD total in each 12-Pack
      - 480mg CBD total in each 48-Pack
- Broad Spectrum Hemp / No THC


*Compatible with original Nespresso systems, but not with newer Nespresso Virtuo brewers.


- Treat yourself to an exceptional espresso shot
- Feel Alert, Calm & Focused
- Compliment your Natural Wellness Routine

About the Coffee:

Specialty Grade, Hand Roasted Colombian Coffee
Tasting Notes: Milk Chocolate, Black Cherry, Balanced
Origin: Colombia
Process: Washed
Species: Arabica
Ingredients: 100% Arabica Coffee, Organically-Grown Broad-Spectrum Hemp Extract (No THC)

Brewing Recommendation: Short shot, 27-40g output weight

Additional Information:

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