Madre Laura Red Honey - Colombia

$ 17.95 USD

Single Origin

Tasting Notes: Blood Orange Jam // Brown Sugar // Cinnamon

Some of you might remember our previous offerings - the Madre Laura Natural and Madre Laura Red Honey. These coffees were characterized by noted of candied raspberry and dark chocolate. Our sourcing partner, Campesino, is pushing deeper into experimental community lots that reflect the collective quality of Jericó's top producers. We're please to offer you a 3rd iteration of Campesino's experimental community lots - the Madre Laura 120-hour pre-fermentation red honey.

The Madre Laura 120h Red Honey is a true balance between the cleanliness of a washed coffee and the syrupy characteristics of a natural. We're tasting blood orange jambrown sugar and cinnamon, all bundled up in a silky-smooth cup. Hats off to the QC team at Campesino for fine-tuning this lot! 

About the bean:

Origin: Colombia
Region: Jerico, Antioquia
Producer: Various
Elevation: 6300 ft.
Process:  120h Anaerobic Fermented Red Honey
Varietal: Dos Mil & Caturra 

Madre Laura Natural (12oz // 340g)