Kenya Ndaroini

$ 18.95 USD


Single Origin

Tasting Notes: Plum, Dried Apricot, Juicy

We are excited to bring to you a very unique East African coffee. This Kenya Ndaroini came to us from Trabocca Importers and represents what we believe to be an ideal synergy between great cultivation and great sourcing practices on the part of the importer. Trabocca buys its coffees directly from the Ndaroini washing station in Kenya rather than at an open auction (government run auctions are the norm in the Kenyan coffee sector). They are able to procure high quality coffee and pay premium prices more directly to producers as a result.

Apart from our appreciation for how this coffee was sourced, we were also thrilled by how it cupped after we dropped the first batch out of our roaster. This particular coffee creates a very complex and nuanced cup. Vibrant, yet delicate notes of juicy plum and dried apricot abound up front. The brightness is carried by a full, rich body that makes for an excellent balance and cup structure by rounding out the dark, ripe stone fruits that lead the cup.

About the bean:

Origin: Kenya
Region: Ndaroini, Nyeri
Producer: Various
Process:  Washed
Species: Arabica
Varietal:  SL 28, SL 34
Elevation: 5900 ft. +


Kenya - Ndaroini (12oz Whole Bean)