Guatemala La Colmenita

$ 18.95 USD

Single Origin

Tasting Notes: Nougat, Pineapple, Caramel Apple


Sweet, tropical and easy drinking - that’s how we describe our Guatemalan single-origin offering, La Colmenita. Produced high in the mountains outside of Huehuetenango, La Colmenita is full of sweetness and tropical fruit. It's sure to be a crowd pleaser!

This coffee was brought to us through Onyx coffee and like many of our single origin offerings, it takes its name from the farm where it was produced, Finca La Colmenita (colmenita is Spanish for beehive). Finca La Colmenita is located in the mountains outside of Huehuetenango, one of Guatemala's highest and driest coffee producing regions. The remoteness of this region has lead producers to process their own coffees post-harvest as opposed to delivering cherry or parchment coffee to large mills that process for multiple farms. Francisco Cardona Martin purchased the La Colmenita in 2002 and has since worked tirelessly to cultivate quality-focused coffees by keeping his attention on growing high quality varietals and improving the farm's processing methods. His effort shows - La Colmenita is the cleanest coffee on our menu! It’s highlighted by spectacular acidity and filled with sugary sweetness. Happy brewing! 

About the Bean:

Origin: Guatemala
Region: San Pedro Necta, Huehuetenango
Farm: La Colmenita (The Beehive)
Producer: Francisco Cardona Martin
Elevation: 6070 ft.
Process: Washed
Varietal: Bourbon, Caturra

La Colmenita (12oz Whole Bean)