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Guatemala - El Pilar


Tasting Notes: Pink Rose, Melon, Butterscotch

Fresh Roasted, Whole Bean, 24 Servings per bag

Guatemalan coffees have been stunning this year.  The origin has produced a large majority of our favorite coffees this season, and the hunt for the perfect Guatemalan to put on our menu has been a blast.  
We bring you El Pilar, an exceptionally clean coffee with notes of Pink Rose, Melon, and Butterscotch.  This coffee was a standout amongst many top scoring lots due to its acidity, balance, and sweetness.  We’ll be brewing this coffee at the roastery every chance we get (and sneaking a bag home every now and again).  
El Pilar is located just outside of Antigua, Guatemala, in a region called San Juan Sacatepéquez.  El Pilar covers an area of 1900 hectares, of which 90 are dedicated to coffee.  Producer Juan Carlos Chen is cultivating coffee with conservation and sustainability in mind.  Organic practices are a priority at El Pilar, and conventional fertilizers are used only as a last resort. 

About the bean:

Origin: Guatemala
Region: San Juan Sacatepéquez
Farm:  El Pilar
Elevation:  5300 - 5700 ft.
Process:  Washed
Species: Arabica
Varietal:  Caturra, Bourbon


Guatemala - El Pilar (12oz Whole Bean)

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