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Ethiopia - METAD

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Tasting Notes: Bergamot, Lemoncello, Vanilla Wafer

Washed Ethiopian coffees are becoming somewhat of a staple in Sträva's single origin lineup and for good reason. Ethiopia's long, rich history of coffee cultivation has given way to some of the most reliably complex and flavorful coffees on the market. This coffee from METAD Agricultural Development is a case in point and a great example of the characteristics that washed Ethiopian coffees are known for. It boasts an ideal balance of acidity, sweetness and floral notes. The cup carries a bright lemon acidity, full vanilla sweetness and surprising bergamot florals all working in concert to form an excitingly complex cup. 

Ethiopia is widely regarded to be the birthplace of coffee. As a result the country has perhaps the deepest tradition of coffee cultivation and consumption of anywhere in the world. METAD Agricultural Development is both born of the country's long history of coffee production and exemplary of the position that coffee currently holds as a development tool for Ethiopia. Now in its third generation of coffee growing, METAD is known for its pursuit of modern farming techniques, community development projects and for being home to a Specialty Coffee Association certified Quality control lab. METAD has used these resources to produce exceptionally clean and complex coffees which have in turn enabled to farm to provide valuable resources for its community. METAD's development efforts include providing community healthcare programs and having built an elementary school which serves over 400 pupils.

About the bean:

Origin: Ethiopia
Region: Gedeb, SNNPR
Producer: METAD
Elevation: 6,200 - 7,200 ft.
Process:  Washed
Species: Arabica
Varietal: Heirloom


Ethiopia METAD (12oz / 340g)