Ethiopia - Banko Gotiti

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Tasting Notes: Blueberry, Raspberry, Vanilla Custard

It is quite common in specialty coffee to hear that naturally processed or unwashed Ethiopian coffees were what initially opened one's eyes to the enormous flavor potential that coffee can have. For many people, their first experience with a natural Ethiopian coffee forever changed the way that they view their morning cup of joe (we at Sträva are no exception). Ethiopia is regarded as the birth place of coffee and the country's rich history of cultivation shows in the incredibly complex, fruit forward and aromatic cups that it produces. So, in the world of coffee, late spring and early summer are always an exciting time of year; not just because it means that we can shed our jackets and enjoy our evenings in the sunlight again, but because it means that a fresh crop of Ethiopian coffees is landing in the US. This year a combination of disruptions in global supply chains and local political tensions in Ethiopia caused some delays in the the arrival of their coffees, but fear not, they are finally here and as delicious as ever!

We are incredibly excited to share this offering from the Banko Gotiti washing station in the world renowned Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia. Banko Gotiti aggregates and processes coffee from local farmers that truly embody what it means to be a small holder. These farmers produce their coffee either in small lots on or near their property, or in forested areas where coffee grows naturally. Banko Gotiti then processes the coffee and provides it to exporters. This offering in particular was produced using the natural or unwashed method in which the green coffee is fermented in the cherry before being milled and prepared for export. Fermenting the coffee beans inside the fruit in which they grow imparts incredibly vivid flavors on top of those which are already common to Ethiopian coffees. In the case of the Banko Gotiti, the coffee presents rich, bright blueberry and raspberry notes that are carried by a strong vanilla sweetness. This bean showcases the amazing potential for unique and sweet characteristics that coffee can carry in a way this is perfect for summer sipping. Whether this is your first time trying a naturally processed Ethiopian or you are already familiar with their distinct quality, you are in for quite a treat.  

About the bean:

Origin: Ethiopia
Region: Gotiti, Yirgacheffe
Producer: Various
Elevation: 6500 - 7500ft.
Process: Natural
Varietal: Dega

Ethiopia Banko Gotiti (12oz Whole Bean)

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