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Colombia - El León


Tasting Notes: Raspberry, Rosé, Strawberry Milk

In keeping with our desire to showcase the wide variety of exciting characteristics that one can find in coffee, we bring you El León from Salgar, Colombia. This coffee was processed using the "natural" or "unwashed" method in which the fruit of the coffee cherry is temporarily left on the bean to ferment after being harvested from the tree - a unique processing method for this origin. This process creates a fruit forward cup that bursts with flavors and aromas that scream summer time.

Finca El León has produced a coffee that carries a strawberry shortcake aroma, and strawberry, raspberry and rosé tasting notes. It's backed up by a smooth, but not-too-heavy body and candy like mouth-feel that's ideal for summer sipping. We recommend brewing it on pour over to get the most out of the awesome fruitiness this coffee has to offer!

About the bean:

Origin: Colombia
Region: Salgar, Antioquia
Producer: Carlos Zapata, El León
Process:  Natural
Species: Arabica
Varietal:  Castillo
Elevation: 5250 ft.


Colombia - El León (12oz Whole Bean)

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