Colombia Madre Laura Red Honey

$ 17.95 USD

Single Origin

Tasting Notes: Raspberry Jam, Dark Chocolate, Mandarin Oranges 

Earlier in 2020 we presented the naturally-processed Madre Laura, a community coffee from Campesino Specialty Coffee's top producers and since then they have been wowing us with their experiential community lots. We’re bringing you another one of Campesino’s experimental community lots - a 120-hour anaerobic fermented red honey. If that sounds like quite a lot to process (haha) here’s the scoop…

Two coffee processing methods were combined to create this coffee; anaerobic fermentation and honey processing. Anaerobic fermentation occurs in the absence of oxygen. In this case, Campesino created a curated selection of cherries from their top producers and put the cherries in a hermetically (air tight) sealed bag to let them ferment for 120 hours. The cherries were then removed from the bag, pulped in a way that removes the skin, but leaves the beans' mucilage in place, and then set out on raised beds to dry. Leaving the beans in their sticky, honey-like mucilage is what gives the honey process its name. This particular honey process is referred to as "red honey" because of how much mucilage is left on the bean. The amount of mucilage that is left in place is what dictates whether a honey process is referred to as red, yellow or black. Once the beans are dried to their desired moisture content they are washed several times to remove the mucilage. This process is somewhat of a cross between washed and naturally processed coffee and is difficult to perfect. It can lead to wild flavors in the cup and some undesirable ones if left unchecked. 

This coffee boasts prominent notes of raspberry jam, dark chocolate, and mandarin orange. We think Campesino nailed this experiment and are excited to see their community projects develop throughout future harvests!

About the bean:

Producer: Campesino Specialty Coffee
Farm: Community Lot
Origin: Colombia
Region: Jericó, Antioquia 
Elevation: 1,750masl
Process:  120-hour Anaerobic Fermentation Red Honey
Varietal: Caturra & Dos Mil 

Colombia Madre Laura Red Honey