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Colombia - Finca Santana


Tasting Notes: Red Grapes, Milk Chocolate, Cranberry

Colombia is one of our favorite origins. We’re constantly surprised by the diversity of flavor profiles produced across various regions (departments) and varietals. We bring you Finca Santana hailing from Cauca, Colombia. Grown by Francisco Hoyos, it boasts notes of dark red fruits, ranging from red grapes to cranberries, and finished with a milk-chocolate sweetness. It’s an exceptionally balanced cup that brews up well on batch brew and holds it’s own with a splash of milk. If you’d like to accentuate the berry & citric acidity, a single-serve pour over will do the trick. Enjoy!

About the bean:

Origin: Colombia
Region: Eastern Cauca
Producer: Francisco Hoyos
Process:  Washed
Species: Arabica
Varietal:  Castillo Tambo
Elevation: 5500 - 6000 ft.


Colombia - Finca Santana (12oz Whole Bean)

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