Colombia Don Felix

Single Origin

Tasting Notes: Green Apple, Coconut Pie, Lavender

Colombia is one of our favorite coffee-producing origins. Coffee grows in 22 different departments within the country and the flavors that can be found in cups from each department represent this variety. Our exporting partner, Campesino Specialty Coffee, has enabled us to learn an incredible amount about the coffee industry in Colombia. It is through Campesino that we’ve been able to meet and engage with producers that cultivate a stunning range of coffees.

Don Félix is one of Campesino's long-time producing partners. The two parties have been working together for many years and have built a relationship based on quality and friendship. Don Félix's farm is located just outside of the town of Jericó, which is Campesino's home base. To reach Don Félix’s farm, you head out from Jericó’s main square. After 30 minutes of traveling on a dirt road and over a few one-way bridges you begin to ascend up a mountainside. Upon pulling up to his finca (Spanish for "farm") you’re greeted by two playful dogs and Don Félix himself.  He shows you around the back of the farmhouse to his micro-mill and drying beds where he’s been bringing his coffee to perfection for over 40 years - eyes and smiles wide. 

Don Félix’s passion for coffee farming is infectious - you can taste it in the coffee he produces. Notes of ripe tropical fruit dominate the cup and are accompanied by a milk chocolate/coconut sweetness. It’s quite pleasant for a washed coffee, so much so that in addition to offering it as a single origin, we use it as the main component of our Strength signature blend. We’re loving this coffee and will surely bring it back for future harvests. Don Félix is brewed best on batch or as a pour over.  Enjoy! 

About the bean:

Origin: Colombia
Region: Jerico, Antioquia
Producer: Don Felix
Elevation: 6300 ft.
Process:  Washed
Varietal: Castillo, Caturra, Dos Mill
Species: Arabica

Don Felix (12oz Whole Bean)