CBD Coffee Discovery Bundle: 12 K-Cups Total - Strava Craft Coffee

CBD Coffee Discovery Bundle: 12 K-Cups Total



Sträva's CBD Coffee Discovery Bundle will be available for a limited time at this special promotional price.  

Premium CBD Infused Coffee: K-Cup 2.0 Compatible

- Intro Strength - 4mg CBD per cup/serving (8oz cup)
- Regular Strength - 10mg CBD per cup/serving (8oz cup)
- Max Strength - 20mg CBD per cup/serving (8oz cup)


- Broad Spectrum Hemp / No THC
- Treat Yourself to a Selection of Exceptional Cup of Coffee
- Feel Alert, Calm & Focused
- Compliment your Natural Wellness Routine

Additional Info:

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Ships within the United States only. No international orders can be accepted at this time.
*FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION (FDA) DISCLOSURE: Statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease

Only: $27.95 $32.95

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Feel Good about Sträva CBD Coffee

  • Feel good about a familiar routine: Sträva CBD Coffee fits perfectly into your day.
  • Feel good about your coffee: Sträva is clean, sustainably sourced, specialty-grade & small batch roasted.
  • Feel good about your CBD: Sträva CBD is organic, broad-spectrum, THC-free and lab tested.
  • Feel good about the value: Sträva is always competitively priced, and even better on subscription.

Save with Sträva


Buying Premium Coffee + CBD Oil

best value


One-Time Purchase

Premium Coffee + 100mg CBD in One

best value

Premium coffee + Cbd oil

if purchased separately

Premium Coffee


100mg CBD


Spend up to:


* Reference Specialty Coffee: $12.99 to $16.99 (Average $15) per 12oz

** Reference current average tincture and broad-spectrum gummy cost of between $0.10/mg - $0.20/mg CBD

Specialty-Grade Coffee

Sträva ensures every product is produced according to the highest standards by employing small-batch manufacturing methods. Our team of roasters conduct regular cuppings to assess their work and adjust their techniques - coffee beans develop differently depending on their moisture content, density and size consistency.

Organically Grown Hemp

Sträva purchases CBD exclusively from within the United States where sufficient controls and oversight exist to know that we're working in a conscious and ethical manner. Furthermore, we exclusively purchase extracts from organically grown hemp.

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