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Sträva CBD Coffee

Life Is Just Better With Sträva - The Original CBD Coffee

Living healthy & feeling good is what Sträva is all about. Explore the many benefits of hemp CBD and enjoy a more engaged, active and fulfilling life.

Specialty Coffee Flavor + Top-Quality CBD

Rise to be your best with Sträva!

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Specialty coffee is best enjoyed fresh - fresh roasted, fresh ground, fresh brewed. What's your preferred format?

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Everyone responds to CBD differently. Sträva offers three strengths of CBD infused coffee so you can find the perfect cup to start your day and feel your best!

The Sträva Experience

By perfectly pairing specialty coffee with broad-spectrum hemp CBD, Sträva delivers something truly delicious and magical: The Sträva Experience

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Sträva Gold - Quality You Can Taste & Feel

What makes Sträva CBD Coffee so good? Clean, sustainable, quality ingredients and a passion for sourcing and roasting incredible coffee!

Specialty Coffee

Specialty-Grade Coffee

Sträva exclusively roasts clean, sustainable, specialty-grade coffees - some of the most flavorful & enjoyable coffees in the world.

Healthy Hemp

Healthy Hemp CBD

Sträva CBD coffees are infused with broad-spectrum hemp extracts - organic, clean and lab tested for quality.


Learn more about Sträva Gold.


The Perfect Cup

The Perfect Cup

Sträva coffee brews up to deliver a truly satisfying cup - robust, aromatic, complex yet smooth and perfectly balanced with just the right amount of CBD.

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Choose from medium or dark roast and find your perfect cup of Sträva.

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