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Mexico Bella Vista

$ 15.95 USD

Single Origin

Tasting Notes: Pecan Praline, Toffee, Orange Zest
When we initially cupped this offering from the Bella Vista community in Chiapas, Mexico we were struck by its depth and warmth of flavor. Our minds immediately went to the rich sweetness of a pecan pie. This coffee is sweetness forward with the perfect hint of orange zest to balance out the cup. For that reason, it's our go-to single origin for daily drinking this winter, especially on those extra-cold, snowy mornings. 

Rosalba Cifuentes Tovia is the mastermind behind this unique coffee. As a child she was raised around coffee cultivation. Later in life she moved to the US and began liaising between producers near her home town of Bella Vista in the state if Chiapas, Mexico and roasters in the US. Her company, Mayan Harvest showcases coffees from various producers in that area, some of whom she is related to and many of whom are female. The region's climate coupled with the producers' dedication to quality cultivation and processing have served to create a coffee with excellently clean and sweet characteristics. Rosalba herself has taken immense steps to bridge the gap between the producers in her home community and specialty roasters in the US by setting up exporting and importing operations that are truly producer focused. Hats off to Rosalba, Mayan Harvest and the 38 small farms in Bella Vista that each contributed to this ultra smooth, balanced cup. 

About the bean:

Origin: Mexico
Region: Bella Vista, Chiapas
Producer: Various
Elevation: 5577 ft.
Process:  Washed
Varietal: Bourbon, Caturra, Catimor
Species: Arabica

Mexico Bella Vista (12oz / 340g)