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Colombia - Madre Laura Natural

$ 14.95 USD

Single Origin

Tasting Notes: Strawberry, Raspberry Jam, Chocolate Undertones

Naturally processed coffees are some of our favorites here at Sträva. The fruiter the better! For those who aren't familiar with what ‘naturally processed’ means, here’s the scoop:

Coffee grows on a tree as a cherry. The seed inside of the cherry is the coffee bean. With naturally processed coffees the coffee cherry is picked, then set out on a raised drying bed for up to twelve days - all the while the coffee bean ferments inside of the cherry. It’s during this time that the coffee bean absorbs sugars from the coffee cherry, and if all goes well, adopts fruity characteristics.

The Natural Made Laura comes from Campesino Specialty Coffee - our exporting partner in Colombia. Campesino partnered with 13 of its more detail-oriented farmers to set up the Naturals Community Project. The 13 farmers live throughout the pueblo of Jericó. Campesino built three community drying beds in central locations to process and dry the coffees in a collaborative fashion. Strict quality control is carried out with bi-weekly cuppings of each of the 13 lots to ensure uniformity.

This is the first time we are offering this coffee - it boasts characteristics of strawberry and raspberry jam with chocolate undertones. We had the honor to visit Campesino this past November, and visited the site of the Naturals Project. Go ahead and browse through some photos and check it out!

About the bean:

Origin: Colombia
Region: Jerico, Antioquia
Producer: Various
Elevation: 6300 ft.
Process:  Natural
Species: Arabica

Madre Laura Natural (12oz Whole Bean)