Sträva Craft Coffee - A Denver Westword Review

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Sträva Craft Coffee - A Denver Westword Review

Denver Westword published a very thoughtful review of Sträva's Peace & Wellness Hemp Oil Infused Coffee today.  We're delighted that our coffees have been so well received and are delivering tangible benefit to our customers.  Quality is our number one priority as we strive to further innovate and enhance our products for your enjoyment.

An excerpt from the review:

"It was refined and delicious, not too dark but bold enough to satisfy my taste in coffee. I'm a two- (lately three-) cup-a-day person, but I was satisfied with only one twelve-ounce cup.  I felt restored and elevated enough to start my work day; my body and mind were in a rich state of homeostasis."  - Chloe Sommers

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