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"Peace & Wellness" Hemp Oil Infused Specialty Coffees

by Andrew Aamot October 18, 2016

"Peace & Wellness" Hemp Oil Infused Specialty Coffees

We are excited to announce our TOP SECRET product, a Full-Spectrum Hemp Infused Coffee line we call " Peace & Wellness."  The foundation of these coffees is a fantastic, specialty grade bean grown in the mountains of Colombia, and for the decaf offering, an exceptional bean from West Java.  We're roasting all the beans in small batches to bring out notes of Brown Sugar, Ripe Cherryand Natural Cocoa ;with the decaffeinated bean, notes of Almond, Raisin & Honey. Although these coffees are incredible on their own, we took it a step further and developed a method to infuse a small amount of Hemp Oilright into the beans.  The result is a smooth, balanced coffee which helps wake you up while keeping you alert, calm and focused.  They're  magical

There are four coffees in the "Peace & Wellness" line:

- FOCUS:  with 30mg Hemp Oil in each 12oz bag
- ESCAPE:  with 60mg Hemp Oil in each 12oz bag (decaffeinated)
- RESTORE:  with 120mg Hemp Oil in each 12oz bag
- ELEVATE: with 240mg Hemp Oil in each 12oz bag

Hemp has been valued for its medicinal properties for thousands of years and can offer relief from minor pain, inflammation, and nausea.  Although not viewed as a medicine by the FDA, many people have come to rely on Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil as a natural alternative to pharmaceutical treatments for a wide variety of conditions.

Industrial HEMP is rich in plant nutrients.  It is produced around the world and imported into the United States.  Hemp derived products are legal to buy, sell and consume throughout the US.  We use a high quality, nutrient dense, organic and non-GMO extract from respected European farms - the best product on the market.

- Enjoy " Peace & Wellness" because it's a great cup of coffee.

- Choose " Peach & Wellness" when you want to be alert, but calm and focused and free from coffee jitters.

- Make " Peace & Wellness" part of your daily routine and see how natural "plant medicine" can have a positive effect on your life.

Andrew Aamot
Andrew Aamot

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