How Do You Make CBD Coffee?

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How to make CBD Coffee

Word is getting out that coffee and CBD pair beautifully. The CBD offsets the jitters that some people experience with caffeine while the coffee stimulates, awakens the senses, and uplifts the soul. As CBD derived products gain popularity, people are searching for the right way to incorporate the cannabinoid into their lives. At Sträva, we think there is no better way to start the day than with a fresh, hand roasted, perfectly infused cup of coffee. 

Why Make CBD Coffee?

If asked to mention one thing that is necessary to achieve goals, one might think of consistency. Success of any kind is the accumulation of habitual acts that continue well after the goal has been reached. We all know that it takes years of study to become an expert just as it takes regular exercise to gain strength. Supplementing your diet with cannabinoids works in a similar way. In order to reap the numerous benefits of CBD, it's important to take small amounts on a consistent and frequent basis. This is why coffee is a fantastic way to ingest CBD. It's not to say that one can’t consistently supplement CBD via any of the popular delivery methods such as gummies, chocolates, or tinctures, but the margin for error is considerably larger as there is a possibility of forgetting to take it. We’ve mentioned before that the best things in life often require minimal effort and should organically fit into everyday life. For many people, the act of making coffee is the first thing they do as they wake up. It is the ritual carried out to start the day on the right foot with vigor. This is why we prefer to infuse CBD into our beans. It allows us to consistently enjoy CBD while indulging in craft coffee and avoiding any added steps. 

The Flavor of CBD Coffee

A cup of coffee has the power to make or break a mood, so we believe that each cup of coffee should have rich and balanced flavor. Many of those looking to enrich their life with CBD will often add a product such as a tincture or an isolate to their coffee. This is a common shortcut, but it often interferes with the quality of the coffee. Isolate is pure CBD powder and is tasteless. Its main drawback is also its strength in that it is pure CBD. Dr. Raphael Mechoulam coined the term “the entourage effect” which means the effect created by all of the present cannabinoids working together. Since isolate is simply isolated CBD, using it alone won’t provide benefit from any other cannabinoids. Alternatively, tinctures are the most popular CBD product on the market and it is often made from broad or full spectrum oil. Tincture may be an easy way to enhance a cup of coffee, but its oily consistency doesn’t dissolve in coffee and you are left with a cup of coffee with a puddle of oil on the top and clinging to the sides. Full spectrum means that all of the plant’s phytochemicals are present such as THC, CBD and minor cannabinoids and terpenes. Terpenes are the oils in plants that provide flavor and aroma. Terpenes are most important when cannabis products are being inhaled, and don’t provide as much benefit when ingested. Since terpenes are often present in tinctures, they can upset the flavor of the coffee, rendering it less enjoyable. 

Our mission when we began infusing CBD into our coffee was to provide the most beneficial product without compromising the flavor of our carefully crafted coffee. Rather than a full spectrum oil, we use broad spectrum distillate in our infusions. Broad spectrum oil includes all of the naturally occurring cannabinoids such as CBD, CBG, CBC, and CBN, but it lacks the terpenes and other essential oils that would otherwise alter the flavor of the coffee. We also use CBD distillate to ensure potency and accuracy. The specialty grade beans that we roast for our infused coffee is also a foundational component to the flavor experience. We specifically chose the flavor profile of nuts and chocolate of a Colombian bean to pair with the earthy flavor of hemp.

How is CBD Coffee Made?

Our craft CBD coffee goes back to the balance of simplicity, intention, and execution. Our infused coffee always begins with specialty grade beans. We hand roast each batch of coffee with love and attention. Once the roast is ready, we infuse the whole beans through our proprietary infusion process to create a well rounded, balanced and delicious product.  Finally, we flush each package of coffee with nitrogen to ensure freshness. Just as it takes consistent and habitual action to benefit from CBD, we analyze the flavors of each roast to ensure that every batch meets our standards of quality.

So how do we make our CBD coffee so good?  It’s simple. Like many of you, we love great coffee and we love the added benefits of hemp.  We start with top quality raw ingredients then roast and infuse each batch with craftsmanship and purpose.  With every cup we strive to offer you a delicious and meaningful experience.  

Ready to try some for yourself?  Sträva offers WHOLE BEAN, K-CUP 2.0 and NESPRESSO compatible pods. 

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