CBD and Coffee, a Dynamic Duo of Awesomeness

May 04, 2020

CBD and Coffee Strava

CBD and Coffee, a Dynamic Duo

One of the most common questions that people ask us is “Why CBD and coffee?”. The answer is multipronged. We put together this post to highlight some of the reasons we feel that CBD and coffee make an optimal combination. We also touch on a few steps we’ve taken to make sure that ours is the best CBD infused coffee on the market!

Hemp Extracts

To start, we hold that the hemp plant contains numerous naturally occurring compounds that have the potential to be hugely beneficial to human beings. Those compounds are collectively referred to as cannabinoids one of the most well known of which is Cannabidiol or CBD. CBD is non-psychoactive and is widely recognized for its potential therapeutic and wellness inducing properties. In the pursuit of genuine wellness with limited undesirable effects, our products DO NOT contain THC and instead focus on CBD and the other beneficial cannabinoids found in hemp plants.

Broad Spectrum Hemp Distillate CBD

In addition to CBD, hemp plants produce over 100 other terpenes and cannabinoids that have gained recognition for their wellness benefits. If you’re curious about what some of those compounds are, check out our page on the lab testing that we carry out on all of our products. If you’re curious about how cannabinoids function within the human body, check out our roasters’ blog on the endocannabinoid system. Then check out the benefits of consuming hemp extracts that our customers have experienced.

How to Reap the Benefits

Given that CBD and other cannabinoids can have the potential to promote general wellness, we wanted to find a way to integrate them into our daily lives. There are plenty of ways to consume cannabinoids but none of them quite felt like they aligned with our pursuit of achieving a healthy lifestyle. While smoking hemp flower is one of the oldest known ways to consume cannabinoids, we’re quite weary of the negative effects of smoking in general. As an alternative, many companies have infused sweets and treats with CBD, but we felt that consuming sugary snacks on a daily basis was counterproductive to our pursuit of healthy living as well. So, we thought about our daily routines and how we might be able to integrate hemp extracts into our day in a seamless way.

We landed on coffee. We’ve always been avid coffee connoisseurs; not a day goes by in which we don’t consume a rich cup of brew, be it hot in the winter or iced in the summer. Aside from genuinely enjoying the beverage, we also recognized the beneficial aspects of coffee consumption such as the antioxidants it delivers and the alertness it promotes. In this moment we set about developing our proprietary, CBD rich, hemp extract infusion process. By infusing coffee beans with broad spectrum hemp extracts we are able to seamlessly integrate CBD and other cannabinoids into our daily routine in a way that didn’t feel like we were burdening ourselves with extra pills, consuming something synthetic or risking unnecessary side effects. Infusing our coffee beans with CBD allowed us to enjoy all the benefits of hemp oil right alongside the delicious brew that we make every morning.

Achieving Balance

We have found that the combination of cannabinoids and coffee strikes a balance that other hemp oil delivery mechanisms can’t quite match. This balance resonates deeply with our pursuit of health and wellness. CBD, along with the other cannabinoids found in the broad spectrum hemp extracts that we use, nicely counteract the jitters that often come with drinking a cup of coffee. Conversely, the caffeine that, on its own, gets us a bit jittery, works to keep the sedative effects of hemp oil from being too strong. The pair create an ideal synergy that allows us to harness the benefits of both substances; we find ourselves simultaneously alert, calm and focused.

Fine Tuning our Approach

Recognizing the natural harmony struck by pairing CBD rich hemp extracts with excellent coffee beans, we wanted to optimize the duo as best we could. For this reason, we created three different infusion levels: Intro, Regular and Max strengths respectively corresponding to 4, 10 and 20mg of CBD per serving. We found that a slightly different ratio of CBD oil in coffee represents the ideal balance for different folks and we wanted to make sure that everyone can receive the optimal benefit.

In addition to finding the right, wellness inducing balance between cannabinoids and coffee, we seek to make sure that our products promote wellness by ensuring that they are as free as possible from incidental contaminants like harmful agrochemicals and heavy metals. For this reason, we work closely with both our coffee and hemp producing partners, to ensure best practices are carried out on the farms that produce our raw materials. We also consistently have our hemp extracts tested by 3rd party laboratories to ensure that they are free from heavy metals, pesticides and residual solvents and to ensure that the potency and purity of our products are up to spec. All of our finished coffee products fall between 100 and 120% of the CBD dosage reported on the packaging.

Transparency is a value that we hold deeply at Sträva. In that vein, the results of our lab tests are available to all on our website and accessible via the 2D barcode on our packaging.

The Best Way to Get the Most Out of Your Day

For those seeking a healthy lifestyle, integrating CBD into their day can carry significant benefits. Strava’s CBD and coffee represent a flawless way to reap those benefits by making hemp and CBD oil a part of one’s daily routine. Our coffee is designed to fit into your daily life without adding an extra “thing” to remember or any superfluous substances to consume. We take great care in how our hemp coffee is made with the aim of passing as much benefit to our customers as we can.

Drink Deeply. Live Fully.



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