5280 Editors' Choice Top Coffee Roaster 2017

July 03, 2017

5280 Editors' Choice Top Coffee Roaster 2017

5280 Magazine names Sträva Editors' Choice Top Coffee Roaster 2017!

We're thrilled to be named by the editors of 5280 Magazine as the Top Coffee Roaster for 2017.  The article features a photograph of Kevin working his magic on the Probat P5 roaster.  5280 Magazine notes our outstanding offerings of Signature and Single-Origin coffees as well as Peace & Wellness, our family of innovative hemp oil infused coffees with Hemp Oil.

We founded Sträva Coffee in 2015 with a passion for discovering and roasting great coffee. Today we're proud to be recognized for doing exactly that.  Kevin and I would like to extend a sincere THANK YOU to the editors of 5280 Magazine and all our friends, customers and supporters.  We couldn't have done it without you!

You can find Sträva products online, and at great independent cafes and specialty shops in Denver and beyond.  Click here for a list of local retailers

Discover your new favorite coffee:

Signature Coffees:  Strength, Courage and Comfort

Single-Origin Coffees:  Current Offerings

Peace & Wellness Hemp Oil Infused Coffees:  Focus, Escape, Restore, Elevate









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Congratulations to all the 2017 "Top of the Town" winners.  Pick up a copy of 5280 Magazine today.  

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