Your Ultimate Detox Guide for Body & Mind

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Your Ultimate Detox Guide for Body & Mind

Your Ultimate Detox Guide for Body & Mind

Every once in a while, your body needs a break from all the hard work it does daily. Juggling a successful career and a fulfilling personal and social life can take a toll on your mind and leave you stressed out.

Air pollution, processed food, sedentary lifestyle, and prolonged periods of stress can cause toxin build-up in the body. This leads to weakened immune system and a variety of health problems.

If you feel sluggish, out of breath or just at malaise, it might be time for a total body and mind detox.

Give yourself the gift of healthy food, exercise and rest. Take a break from the social media madness and don’t watch the news. Take care of your own needs and spend time with positive people who give you life.

Read on to learn the best ways to detoxify your whole body and soul the healthy way.

Body Detox

Your body is a powerful machine. Every organ plays a separate role and supports the proper functioning of other organs as well.

Your digestive system is in charge for absorbing nutrients from food. The bloodstream then transports them throughout the body. The liver flushes the toxins and helps the metabolism stay healthy.

Your brain sends signals and messages to other parts of the body. It also receives and processes information from external sources.

Your emotions are charged with energy that needs release. Unprocessed or suppressed emotions have enough power to wreak havoc on your entire body and mind.

It’s synergy at its finest.

Eating a Clean Diet

The majority of foods on the market are highly processed, with artificial colors and flavors, additives, refined sugars, and preservatives.

None of these ingredients are found in nature. Manufacturers add them to make the food last longer, taste better or look fresher at the expense of your health.

Start your full body detox with a clean slate. Choose fresh, unprocessed and organic foods. Avoid eating too much gluten, dairy products and sweets and replace them with healthier alternatives.

Start each day with a glass of lemon water or a freshly-squeezed juice. For breakfast, have a protein-packed meal, followed by a cup of high-quality plain black coffee.

Snack on a piece of fruit or a handful of nuts with some honey. Try to cook your own meals and avoid eating out. Making everything from scratch gives you complete control over the ingredients and their nutritive properties.

Bear in mind that eating a clean diet doesn’t mean you should starve yourself or never indulge in anything. For example, a piece of quality dark chocolate is fine, and it’s good for the brain. But eating an entire bar in one sitting is not a good idea.

During your detox, eliminate all alcoholic and sugary drinks. To stay hydrated, alternate between:

  •         Green tea with lemon 

  •         Fruit-infused water 

  •         Fresh juices 

  •         Green smoothies 

  •         Ginger or turmeric tea 

  •         Matcha tea 

  •         Wellness shots 

  •         Lemon water with chia seeds 

These beverages will flush down the toxins from your liver, providing you with an influx of energy, vitamins and minerals.

Being Physically Active

To speed up the detox process and help your body stay strong, you have to get physically active. Whether it’s an hour in the gym, a morning jog or a brisk walk around the block, movement is important for your overall health.

Sweat is another form of detoxification that helps eliminate pollutants that the liver and kidneys didn’t process. Aside from exercise, you can get a sweat on in a sauna or by doing Bikram yoga.

Besides, exercise in any shape or form can boost your serotonin levels and reduce stress. It’s an effective way to blow off steam, chase away negative thoughts and release anger.

Mind Detox

Your body is your home, but your mind is your sanctuary. It’s where you store past memories, present experiences and future plans. Your emotional well- being matters as much as your physical health.

The steps to moving away from a stressful, dynamic lifestyle are simple:

  • Reduce Stress – Give priority to things that really matter and block out the rest. Situations and events are neutral by nature – you decide whether you’ll see them as negative or positive. 

  • Practice Mindfulness – Sit in silence for 15 minutes a day and listen to your own breath. There’s nothing better than learning to enjoy your own company.
  • Spend More Time in Nature – Use any chance you get to spend it in nature. A few days by the sea here and a weekend in the mountains there are just what you need to replenish your mind. 

  • Take Care of Your Needs First – Contrary to popular opinion, it is not selfish to tend to your needs first. If you don’t take care of yourself, you won’t be able to give your best to others. 

  • Get Up Early – Adopt the habit of getting up as early as 5 a.m. It’s the best way to greet the day, stay productive and lead a balanced life. 

  • Choose Your Friends Wisely – You know the saying: “You are the average of the 5 people you spend most of your time with.” If your 5 closest friends make you feel supported, happy and good about yourself, you’ve won at life. If there’s someone who drains your energy and makes you feel bad after hanging out with them, it might be time to cut the ties. 

  • Declutter Your Surroundings – Sometimes, physical mess can transfer to your mental state and vice-versa. Clean your desk, organize your room and let new energy flow freely. 

Digital Detox

In this time and age of digital everything, detoxifying from your social media and online interactions is a must.

Instant gratification is a real issue and can negatively affect your mental health. Though there’s no way to escape the Internet these days, you can still limit the time you spend online. 

On a daily basis, try not to check your email more than twice a day. Turn off all notifications and focus on the work you should be doing. If you want to talk to somebody, invite a friend over or go out and meet them in person. 

Treat yourself to a wellness retreat where you’ll be too busy enjoying yourself to check your notifications. 

Disconnecting from Social Media

If you’re mildly addicted to social media, this detox phase may be hard for you. You’ll be tempted to check your email “just this once” or reply to “just that one funny post”. 

If you truly want to take a break from it all, you’ll need to practice some self- discipline. 

In the morning, don’t check your phone after you wake up. Set a designated timeslot for emails in the morning and evening and stick to it. Only check your inbox in-between if it’s urgent.

At night, put your phone on airplane mode. Instead of checking social media updates, you can read a book, listen to some relaxing music or meditate.

Going for a Wellness Retreat

If your budget allows it, book a wellness retreat far from where you live.

Choose a place with a fully-equipped spa where you can get a massage, relax
in a Jacuzzi or detoxify in a sauna.

Many retreats offer custom-made packages and perks for their participants. You may receive complimentary wellness and facial treatments, goodie bags or a personalized detox plan.

Many wellness retreats include meditation, restorative yoga sessions and mindfulness practice in their programs. These practical skills will help you deal with everyday life in a much calmer, easier way.

Delegating Tasks

You don’t have to do everything by yourself. The human brain, while very powerful, is built to handle only so much.

Delegate as many tasks as possible and clear your schedule of non-urgent and non-important ones.

If you want to help your mind get rid of the clutter, you have to let go of control. Let someone else take care of things for you, at least for a while.

Getting to Inbox Zero

Reaching zero messages in your inbox requires a good deal of self-discipline and dedication. Constantly receiving messages, but not having the time to sort through them will leave you stressed.

So make getting to an empty inbox a part of your mind and body detox journey. Get help from friends or family if needed.

Reaching zero messages is just one side of the coin. The other is to actually manage your inbox so it doesn’t get out of hand again.

Are You Ready for a Full Mind and Body Detox?

We all strive for a healthier lifestyle and a calmer mind. Still, so few of us take the time and effort to detoxify our mind and body.

Body detox starts in the kitchen. Eliminate fast foods and sugars from your diet and replace them with fruits, vegetables, legumes and healthy fats.

Drink lots of water to help your liver and kidneys with the detox process. Incorporate exercise in your day.

Last but not least, clear your mind from negative thoughts, people and situations.


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