Sträva Coffee gifting five, $1,000.00 “Golden Tickets” to customers.

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Strava CBD Coffee Golden Tickets


Sträva Coffee gifting five, $1,000.00 “Golden Tickets” to customers.

Denver, Colorado (April 27, 2020) - Sträva Craft Coffee, the Denver based specialty coffee roaster responsible for popularizing CBD coffee (hemp coffee), is proud to announce a bit of fun for their customers, a “Golden Ticket” promotion reminiscent of Willy Wonka.  Andrew Aamot, CEO and co-founder of Sträva Coffee, describes the event as “injecting a bit of lighthearted fun and kindness into a world still struggling with uncertainly and economic hardship due to COVID-19.”  In total, Sträva will be gifting five, $1,000.00 “golden” gift certificates - each likely to keep the lucky recipients well stocked with life changing, fresh roasted specialty coffee for a year or more.

“We recognize that many of our customers have come to depend on their daily CBD coffee as an absolute essential to start their day right,” says Aamot, “particularly during anxious and uncertain times.”  Sträva offers fresh roasted specialty coffee infused with extracts from organically grown Colorado hemp which are rich in natural compounds known as cannabinoids.  Aamot continues, “just as good nutrition and exercise contribute to living a healthy life, coffee infused with natural hemp cannabinoids helps many people to feel great as they start or go about their day.”

Sträva offers CBD coffee in a variety of formats, including whole bean or ground, recyclable K-Cup compatible single serve pods, and recyclable Nespresso compatible (original system) single serve pods.  All coffees are hand roasted in-house by Sträva’s team of specialty roasters and packaged fresh.  “We put our very best into each batch and into every single product; we are extremely proud to be delivering some of the absolute best tasting coffee on the market,” says Aamot.

The five, $1,000.00 “Golden Ticket” gift cards, will be randomly inserted into outgoing online orders, one per day, between April 27 and May 1, 2020.  Aamot continues, “for anyone who has been meaning to try CBD, or simply wants to treat themselves an amazing coffee, this is a promotion not to be missed.” Anyone who orders during this time is welcome to save 15% with coupon code COMMUNITY, and might just find a shimmer of “gold” hiding inside their coffee shipment!

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