Why Sträva CBD-Infused Coffee Is a Game-Changer in Your Health and Wellness Routine

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Why Sträva CBD-Infused Coffee Is a Game-Changer in Your Health and Wellness Routine

When we created Sträva CBD-infused coffee, we wanted to give you the best of both worlds: the incredible healing properties of CBD paired with high-quality coffee beans that we roast to perfection.

Our customers drink Sträva for many different purposes and reasons. For some, our coffee provides a much needed pain relief; for others, it helps them manage stress and anxiety. Some of our customers drink Sträva to stay focused and alert without getting jittery and irritable.

No matter what stage of life you’re in, Sträva will fit right into your health and wellness goals and routines. What’s more, it’ll help you find the perfect balance between your personal and professional life.

So, can Sträva CBD coffee really change your life for the better? Keep reading to find out!

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Stress is inevitable in everyday life, but if it’s starting to affect your happiness and productivity levels, it’s a sign you need to change something. 

Sometimes, caffeine can make your stress and anxiety worse and put you in an agitated, nervous state. With Sträva CBD-infused coffee, you can still get your daily caffeine boost without any of the side-effects. The CBD will also calm your nerves, soothe your senses, and make you more relaxed.

Need more ways to reduce stress and find relief? Here are 11 easy ways to relax, find your calm, and sleep better.

Boost Your Exercise Performance

You drink coffee during the day to help give your brain a little boost of alertness and focus, but does caffeine have the same effect on your body when you exercise? Should you drink coffee before a workout session to improve performance?

It depends on many factors, but mainly on how your body reacts to caffeine when you’re not working out. If you’re sensitive to caffeine and get the jitters quickly, drinking even more coffee to boost exercise performance is probably not a good idea. 

Because exercise and caffeine are both stimulants, they’ll increase your heart rate and blood pressure. Make sure to talk to your doctor before doing any strenuous exercises or if you want to use caffeine before exercising.

On the other hand, if your body handles caffeine well, you can drink a cup of Sträva CDB coffee 20-30 minutes before exercising. Once the caffeine kicks in, you’ll feel a wave of alertness and energy boost that might help you with endurance. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD may help reduce muscle soreness during and after the workout. 

We recommend starting with our Sträva Intro Strength with 4 mg of CBD per serving. Then, you can gradually continue with our stronger coffees that have more CBD per serving.

Be More Productive at Work

Coffee and productivity go hand in hand, but after a few cups, you’ll likely experience a crash in energy or get agitated. With Sträva, however, you’ll feel a sense of calm and alertness without the coffee jitters.

Many of our customers love to drink a cup of Sträva in the late afternoon or early evening and report that it helps them feel relaxed after a long day and wake up well-rested the next morning.

If you’re unsure about your body’s reaction to caffeine, start with our Sträva Intro Strength with 4 mg of CBD per serving or the Intro Strength Decaf version.

Eliminate the Coffee Jitters

The caffeine in regular coffee will keep you awake and alert, but if the coffee is even a tiny bit too strong, you’ll get the jitters. Once the caffeine starts wearing off, you’ll feel an energy crash that’s hard to recover from, unless you take a nap or drink another cup of coffee.

With Sträva, you’ll get a sense of calm alertness that’ll remain steady all throughout the day. Because of the CBD, you’ll stay focused and energized, but won’t get agitated or jittery.

Let Sträva CBD Coffee Be an Essential Part of Your Health and Wellness Routines

Whether you’re dealing with stress and anxiety or want to build new and healthier habits, Sträva CBD-infused coffee can be a game-changer when it comes to your health and wellness.

Wondering how to choose the best Sträva CBD coffee for your lifestyle? Here are some tips on finding the right CBD dosage for your needs, along with strength levels and type of roast.

If you want to dig even deeper into the world of CBD, download our free Ultimate Guide to CBD and get 15% off your first order with us.


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