Mindfulness on the Go: Find Your Zen Instantly With This One Powerful Trick

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Mindfulness on the Go: Find Your Zen Instantly With This One Powerful Trick

Mindfulness on the Go: Find Your Zen Instantly With This One Powerful Trick

Leading a dynamic lifestyle is full of stress triggers. Something happened at work, you’re having a bad day or got into a fight with your partner. In these situations, you need to stay present and keep your cool.

Most of us are busy and struggle to find time for a full meditation session when we need to relax.

Luckily, you can now take your mindfulness with you - literally.
Practice it on your way to work, in your car or even in your office. You don’t need any equipment, classes or guides.

Read on to learn how to find your ‘zen’ wherever you are with this one powerful method.

On Your Way to Work

The best thing about mindfulness? It’s free and available to use anytime.

You don’t need to sit down to meditate - you can achieve it on the go, wherever you are. Whether you walk, drive or take the bus, you only need a few minutes to get into it.

To begin, start noticing the colors, shapes and sounds surrounding you. Don’t consciously think about them – just observe. The trick here is to form a habit of getting into a mindful state and be patient enough to stay in it.

If your commute is long, you can practice mindfulness in a journal. Write down everything you see around you in detail.

When Running Errands

You can practice mindfulness even when you’re running errands. You can do this in your car or while you’re waiting in line in the supermarket.

Bring your attention to your breath. If thoughts start emerging, let them pass. If you want, pick a random number and count your inhales and exhales backwards.

Do this for a couple of minutes until you find your ‘zen’ and feel more balanced.

At Your Workspace

You can practice mindfulness at work right from your office chair.

Close your eyes and start breathing deeply. If you prefer to have your eyes open, choose an object on your desk and observe it from all angles. You can even listen to 5 minutes of meditation while you’re at it.

If you’re on a lunch break, notice the food texture, taste, smells and colors. Be grateful that you get to eat every day.

At Home

At home, you can practice mindfulness while cooking or doing chores.

When you do repetitive activities, it’s easy to let your mind wander. Whenever you catch yourself thinking about something, bring back your attention to your breath.

While you’re cleaning, focus on the objects you’re touching. For example, if you’re dusting a photo frame, notice what it’s made of, its color and the people on the picture. If you’re fluffing the pillows, notice their softness and fabric texture.

It’s Easy to Find Your Zen With This Powerful Trick

We don’t always have control over our thoughts. But we can learn to manage them better by practicing mindfulness anytime, anywhere.

Find more mindfulness tips over on our blog as you sip your premium cup of Sträva.

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