Keeping the Spark Alive: 16 Sweet and Romantic At-Home Date Night Ideas

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Keeping the Spark Alive: 16 Sweet and Romantic At-Home Date Night Ideas

Just because you’re spending more time at home doesn’t mean your love life should be on a stand-by. From recreating your favorite hotel to having a romantic picnic in your backyard, there are so many fun ways to spend more quality time as a couple.

Reignite your relationship sparkle with these 16 sweet and romantic date ideas that you can do in the comfort of your home.

  1. Make a Home-Cooked Romantic Candle-Lit Dinner

Cook each other’s favorite meal and dessert and enjoy your creations over a candle-lit dinner table and romantic music. You can also look for romantic recipes online that you can make together and cook something from scratch.

  1. Have a Romantic Backyard Picnic for Two

If the weather is nice, set up a romantic backyard picnic on a late afternoon. Prepare simple picnic foods and chilled wine, and watch the sky change colors as the sun sets. Don’t forget to play some quiet romantic music to set the tone.

  1. Have a Romantic Movie Night

Watch your favorite movies together in bed or set up a movie projector in the backyard. Bring blankets, popcorn, candy, snacks, and drinks and put fairy lights and led candles all over to make the setting even more romantic.

  1. Play Fun Games for Couples

Do personality quizzes together, solve puzzles, play couple’s Twister, truth or dare, never have I ever, or charades. You can also play board games for two, a game of cards, or even video games.

  1. Have a Food Tasting Party

Aside from wine and beer tasting, you can also have a chocolate, cheese, snacks, desserts, and coffee tasting party. You can both rate the foods and compare the results – maybe you’ll discover some new food and drink favorites.

  1. Make Plans for the Future
Stay at home date nights

 Grab a notebook and write down your plans for the future. You can make travel plans, talk about your goals, careers, or family. On one page, write your plans for the near future; on a separate page, write the plans for the next 5 to 10 years.

  1. Write Love Letters to Each Other

The week before your date, write love letters and notes to each other every day. Put them in a box or an envelope and read them on your date. You can also read one letter each day after your date and collect them in a scrapbook as keepsakes.

  1. Have a Contest

A little friendly competition can be great for your relationship and keep things exciting. Have a scavenger hunt, play a game of Monopoly, do a romantic scrabble, or enter couple’s contests and competitions online to win fun prizes.

  1. Try a New Hobby Together

One of the best ways to bond as a couple is to do an activity together. Take an online class for cooking, wine tasting, foreign languages, dancing, massage, mixology, and love languages. Then, on your next date, you can apply what you learned on the classes and try new recipes or have a wine tasting party.

  1. Have a Weekend Staycation

After a long week, a weekend staycation for just the two of you is all you need to reset and rejuvenate. Turn your bedroom or guest room into a hotel suite and watch movies, read books, prepare your favorite drinks, and order takeout. Buy travel-sized toiletries and put them in a basket in your en suite for an authentic hotel room experience.

  1. Have Breakfast in Bed

The next morning of your staycation, have a hotel-style breakfast in bed and read newspapers or talk about what you’ll do that day. Disconnect from technology and enjoy a cup of hot coffee to start the day. Don’t plan anything significant that day and stay in bed for as long as you can, cuddling and enjoying the time alone.

  1. Go Camping In Your Living Room
Date Night

Camping for two in your living room or backyard is the perfect way to spend some time alone and have fun as a couple. You can also go glamping under the stars in your own backyard and roast marshmallows on a campfire.

  1. Have a Couple’s Spa Day at Home

Get your comfiest robes, fuzziest slippers, and softest bedsheets, and have a couple’s spa day at home. Turn your bedroom into an oasis of peace and relaxation. Light up aromatherapy candles, play soothing music, put on face masks, close your eyes, and enjoy.

  1. Have a Couple’s Photoshoot Around the House

Set up your phone or camera on a tripod or a stand and have a silly couple’s photoshoot at home. Change the outfits and setting in each room and think of different themes for each shoot. Then you can look at the photos together and edit them for printing.

  1. Watch a Concert At Home

Find a concert on TV or online and watch it together over wine and snacks. Don’t miss the chance to have a dance party and learn some new moves. You can also take a trip down memory lane and watch the footage of your wedding day or even recreate your first dance as a married couple.

  1. Exchange Secret Romantic Presents

If you’re celebrating an anniversary or a special day in your relationship, you can exchange a box of presents that you’ll buy or order for each other secretly. On your date, each of you can open one gift at a time and guess what it is. The person with the least guesses will cook a romantic dinner.

Spice up Your Love Life With These Easy Romantic Date Ideas at Home

You don’t need fancy restaurants or a night in the town to have a romantic date and enjoy each other’s company. These simple and creative date ideas will inspire you to plan a date night at home and have an unforgettable time.

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