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Create a Bedtime Routine to Improve Your Sleep in 5 Simple Steps

by Frosina A. June 25, 2018

Create a Bedtime Routine to Improve Your Sleep in 5 Simple Steps

Create a Bedtime Routine to Improve Your Sleep in 5 Simple Steps

Morning routines are all the buzz now, and for a good reason. Having a productive, energized morning is a direct result of self-discipline, having clear goals and implementing a set of useful habits day in day out.

You wake up (hopefully) well rested and take a moment to have your first morning coffee. During this time, you read the newspaper or check social media.

Some people prefer to sip their coffee in peace and quiet while the world slowly wakes up. Others start by exercising and preparing a healthy breakfast.

It all boils down to one thing: repeating useful actions. But in order for morning routines to work as well as they do, you have to get at least 6 hours of quality sleep. How you spend the time before bed can influence your sleep and how you feel in the morning.

This is where bedtime routines come into play. Read on to discover how to create the best nighttime routine for your lifestyle and improve the quality of your sleep.

Follow a Schedule

By definition, a routine is a string of actions that one follows regularly.

When you set a bedtime routine, make sure to have a schedule in place. For example, establish a specific time to go to bed. Bear in mind that you’ll need around 15 minutes to fall asleep, so plan accordingly.

At the same time, if your bedtime routine includes reading, meditating or other activities, start your routine at least one hour before you plan to fall asleep.

Avoid Eating Before Bed

You may be tempted to snack on something while watching your favorite show on Netflix, but try not to. The rule of thumb is to avoid eating anything at least two hours before going to bed.

If you have problems falling asleep, you can have a cup of valerian or chamomile tea or a glass of warm milk with honey. This will help you wind down and drift off to sleep faster. Otherwise, avoid caffeinated beverages and snacks before bed.

Find Your Own Bedtime Ritual

Your bedtime routine is a great way to establish new habits that’ll change the way you look at sleep. For example, if you sleep well, you’ll wake up well rested and be more productive in the morning.

Ask yourself what makes you relax after a long day. Is it a long bubble bath and soothing music? Or curling up with a good book under the covers? Maybe it’s a restorative yoga session followed by mindfulness meditation, or cuddling with your loved ones or pets.

Whatever it is, find your way to ease into it. Not all nighttime routines are the same or work the same for everyone. Focus on your needs and what makes you feel good.

Create a Cozy Atmosphere

Your bedroom should make you feel calm, cozy and comfortable.

When your brain prepares for sleep, it starts to produce melatonin – the hormone responsible for making you drowsy. Loud sounds coming from the TV and bright lights will have the opposite effect.

Instead, light up some candles, and use essential oils and pillow mists. Play soothing music if you need help falling asleep or just get under the covers and think about the good things that happened today or this past week.

Turn Off Your Electronics

In today’s era of technology, it’s hard to leave your phone or computer alone.

We’re buried in emails, notifications, news and funny cat videos all waiting to be read, watched or replied to.

But when you’re getting ready for bed, your brain needs time off from activity to restore the energy it has used during the day.

Make it a rule to turn off and remove all electronic devices from your bedroom, including the phone. Get an actual alarm clock to wake you up in the morning.

Aside from keeping you up, electronics emit blue light known for its negative effects on people’s sleeping patterns.

Create Your Bedtime Routine With These Simple Tips

Taking the time to follow a bedtime routine can change the way you fall asleep and positively impact the quality of your snooze time.

We encourage you to find what works for you and your lifestyle and set new habits around it.

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Author Bio: Frosina is a freelance writer for hire specializing in lifestyle, health and wellness topics. When she’s not busy writing, you can find her savoring new coffees, learning all about digital marketing and dreaming of Italy. You can learn more about Frosina at www.figsproutcreative.com, on
LinkedIn and Twitter.

Frosina A.
Frosina A.

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